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    Is parking available?

    In Certosa there is a private underground parking, while Monneret has a non-guarded free parking outside of the property. Bicycles and motorcycles can be parked inside of both structures, in designated areas.


    How does early termination of the contract work?

    In case of early termination, you will have to communicate your new check out date to In-Domus, by email at amministrazione@in-domus.it. You should give In-Domus a 30-day notice for the termination and you should pay, in addition to what already stipulated in the contract for the notice period, a penalty fee of two additional months.


    What should I bring with me?

    A valid ID card or passport.

    Where should I go when I arrive?

    You will have to check-in at the Reception. (usually between 3:00 PM and 10:00 PM, a different time of arrival can be scheduled if needed)


    Within 10:00 AM of the last day of contract.


    1. What is included in the price?

      The “all inclusive” fee includes a bed in a fully furnished room or apartment, utilities and weekly cleanings. Free access to the common areas to study, cook and relax, a well-equipped gym, last generation Wi-Fi and coin operated laundry.

    2. Is Wi-Fi included?

      Yes, last generation Wi-Fi connection in the whole building is included.

    3. Is TV included?

      Yes, there are TVs in the lounge rooms.
      TV is included in the rooms in Certosa, where it is possible to watch network television.

    4. Is the kitchen kit included?

      Only in apartments (solutions with kitchen) the kit is included, the guests who live in the rooms can keep their kitchenware in the personal lockers found in the common kitchens.

    5. Is the refrigerator included in my room?

      Yes, every room has one. Other refrigerators and freezers can be found in the common kitchens.

    6. Are bed linen and bathroom towels included?

      Yes, both are changed once a week. You can request for additional changes by paying an extra fee.

    7. Is the gym included?

      Yes, and it is open 24/7.

    8. Is the music room included?

      Yes, you can book the music room for free.

    9. Is the use of the common kitchens included?

      Yes, the use of the common kitchens and refreshment rooms is included.

    10. Is the use of the study rooms included?

      Yes, it is included.

    11. Is the laundry service included?

      Yes, with coin operated washing machines and dryers.


    Can I stay at In-Domus if I’m not a student?

    Yes, In-Domus reserves a limited number of rooms for non-students.

    Can I make a reservation if I’m underage?

    Yes, it is possible following authorization by the parent or legal guardian of the minor.

    Can I bring animals with me?

    No, it is not possible to keep animals at In-Domus.

    Are food and drinks available at the Campus?

    Yes, there are vending machines with snacks, drinks and hot beverages.

    Can I sublet my room?

    No, it is not possible.

    Can I choose my roommate?

    You can let us know if you have any preference, which we will take under consideration according to our availability. We will do our best to meet your requests.

    Can I choose on what floor to live?

    We will take any preference under consideration, according to the availability.
    For certain types of accommodation, a specific floor or position can increase the monthly fee.

    Can I throw a party?

    Yes, if you respect the rules and the peace of the residence (at midnight any external guest should leave the Campus).
    It is necessary to inform the reception in case a party has more than 30 guests. There will be a security guard whose hourly fee will be charged to the person responsible for the party.

    Can I customize my room?

    Yes, as long as you don’t make any permanent change to the walls and furniture. At check-out, the room must be restored to its initial state, otherwise there could be an extra charge.

    Can I stay in my room during the Christmas/Easter holidays?

    Yes, you can stay in your room for the whole duration of the contract.

    What should I do if something doesn’t work in my room?

    There is an email address for maintenance requests:
    fixit.certosa@in-domus.it (In-Domus Certosa)
    fixit.monneret@in-domus.it (In-Domus Monneret)
    fixit.milanointernazionale @in-domus.it (In-Domus Milano Internazionale)

    Can I receive mail and parcels?

    Yes, you can easily collect your mail at the reception.

    Where can I smoke?

    It is strictly forbidden to smoke in any of the In-Domus spaces. Violators will be subject to fine according to the Italian law and In-Domus rules (see hand-book). Reiterated breach of this rule may result in the expulsion from the Campus.

    What happens in case of damages?

    Any damage caused by the guest should be repaid according to the price list found in the In-Domus hand-book.
    In case of damages not present in our price list, the guest will be responsible for the repair costs, or, in case repair is not possible or not convenient, for the replacement of the damaged good.


    1. Can I have guests for the night?

      Yes, following a request at info@in-domus.it and according to the availability and price for the requested date.

    2. Can I have guests at the Campus?

      Every resident can have up to two guests per day, they must register at the reception and can stay from 8:00 AM to Midnight.

    3. Can my parents reserve a room?

      According to our availability, parents can stay at In-Domus at a special rate.


    1. How do I pay the fees?

      According to its policy In-Domus usually prefers payments by bank transfers or credit card. Payments in cash can be authorized in extraordinary occasions.

    2. What happens if I do not pay?

      In the event of payment delay over 15 days from the deadline of each installment, In-Domus can block any access to the room by disabling the key.


    1. Can I visit the Campus?

      Yes, you can call the reception or send an email to info@in-domus.it to make an appointment.

    2. Type of contract?

      Standard contracts are for 11 or 6 months, or 5 months for the second semester. Stays of a different duration can be arranged according to our availability.

    3. Is filling the form enough to complete my reservation?

      No, filling the form is just a way of checking if the type of accommodation that you prefer is available.
      In short time you will receive the contract and instructions on how to complete the reservation.
      Only by signing the contract and making the first payment the reservation will be binding for you and In-Domus.


    1. Who is responsible for the cleaning in my room?

      You are the first person responsible for the good state of your room, especially if it is shared.
      The fee includes the weekly cleaning service, with change of bed linen and bathroom towels once a week.

    2. Who cleans the common areas?

      The cleaning of the common areas is carried out by our Team.

    3. Should I clean my room before I leave?

      Yes, we ask you to leave the room clean. Additionally, at check-out you will have to pay for the final cleanings: 50,00 € for rooms and 70,00 € for apartments.


Write to info@in-domus.it

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