Jun 28, 2021 | Milan

Milan is a beautiful city to see and easy to visit, given its size compared to other European capitals and it can also be explored walking or riding a bike.

Students who choose to live in Milan will discover that they have an elegant metropolis waiting to be explored  and capable of seducing and enchanting.

Which are the “Must see” neighborhoods in Milan? Which are the most suitable for students?

Let’s find out together!


Milan includes multiple districts, many of which hide real architectural treasures and wonders to admire. Let’s see which are the ones you can’t miss out.


The Isola area is a young and cheerful area isolated from the city by Garibaldi Station’s bridge. Isola is characterized by railing houses, bars, restaurants, art galleries and craft shops.

This area is guarded from above by the Bosco Verticale and the greenery also triumphs in the geometry of the Biblioteca degli Alberi.


Those who visit the Navigli have the opportunity to see Milan as a city of water and discover the history of the city port which, up to the mid-19th century, resembled Venice.

The advice for students is to walk along the Naviglio Pavese or the Naviglio Grande, take a boat ride or dine in a restaurant surrounded by magical atmospheres.


The thing that most attracts students to Milan is the mural of Valentina, which pays homage to the character created by Guido Crepax and continues to be talked about.

Also in Porta Genova there is a bridge named after Alda Merini, famous Italian poet and writer.


It is a residential area south of Milan’s outer ring road which overlaps with the nearby Villaggio dei Giornalisti and also includes the Mirabello Quarter.


Brera is certainly the most chic district of Milan and tells of its artistic and literary soul  in a maze of romantic cafes, fancy shops, art galleries and antique dealers.

Not to be missed is a visit to the Pinacoteca di Brera, the Biblioteca Braidense, the Orto Botanico and the Chiostro di San Simpliciano.

Moreover, in St Mark’s Basilica there is the organ with which Mozart played and where Giuseppe Verdi conducted “La Messa da Requiem” dedicating it to Allesandro Manzoni.


San Gimignano is an elegant residential neighborhood characterized by refined apartment buildings and private gardens. It was restored back to splendor by a group of residents in the 80’s.

Today it is considered a luxury dormitory area; the residents often stop in Via Marghera or Via Buonarroti for a coffee break after they have dropped off their children to the prestigious private schools you find in this neighborhood.


The Quadrilatero d’Oro is the district of Milan known for its jewelers, boutiques and luxury showrooms and it includes four prestigious streets: Via Monte Napoleone, Via Manzoni, Via della Spiga and Corso Venezia.


The neighborhood occupies the north-west area of Milan; here a real urban settlement never occurred.

The ancient parade ground kept its use until the end of the 19th century and it was then replaced by the Parco Sempione, so dear to the Milanese.


The Porta Ticinese district includes one of the six main gates of Milan built along the Spanish ramparts during the Napoleonic era. In the past Porta Ticinese was one of the historical districts of the city, the Sestiere di Porta Ticinese.


When a student comes to live in Milan often has difficulty in choosing the quieter neighborhood to move to or live in, given the vastness of the Lombard capital.

The districts of Milan are many and different, everyone can find his/her ideal place to live in.

Some will choose to live near a train station, others near a park or near University, others instead in the shopping district. In any case, living in Milan is a pleasant and engaging experience.

Among the quieter areas is the historic center, coveted not only for tourism but also for residential purposes.

Other solutions for a quiet living are the areas located outside the city center: Porta Venezia, Porta Vittoria, the Isola business center, the Navigli, Lambrate, but also the more recent areas such as Vigentino, the new via Padova, or the area of via Tortona, historic headquarter of Fuorisalone.


Searching for a house or room rental in Milan is a real job and the price is one of the most important elements to determine the right decision.

Everyone knows that living in Milan is quite expensive and that the prices of rooms and beds rental are not properly low for anyone, especially for students who are off-site and often do not have yet a job.

However, the city offers student districts where the cost of living is lower than average. Which ones are they?

Surely the best student districts in Milan are close to the universities and outside the center, however, the underground and public transport are efficient and allow you to move quickly and comfortably around the city.

The ideal solution for those who want to save money is to live near universities and move to the city center only on weekends.

Now let’s see which are the best four student districts in Milan.


This is the area of Milan preferred by students enrolling at the Università Bicocca. Here you can find student campuses that allow you to live in a quiet area with affordable prices and near to the University.


This area of Milan is the perfect residential area for the student who enrolls at the Università Luigi Bocconi  of Milan. The Porta Romana area is elegant and offers social life, bars and restaurants close to the city center.

It is one of the best student districts in Milan, although accomodation’s prices are high. Porta Romana is the right solution for you who want to meet new people and attend the best Italian Business School.


One of the most populated districts by students in Milan is Porta Genova: in a few minutes walking distance you can reach the Università Cattolica, IULM and Bocconi.

The student district of Porta Genova is close to the Navigli, the place where all the Milanese and not only go for an aperitif. Given the vibrant nightlife, living in Porta Genova is the perfect choice to be close both to the city center and to the university.


Città Studi is the best student neighborhood for those attending the Politecnico di Milano or the Università Statale and is located in the north-eastern outskirts of Milan.

The neighborhood is very popular for the green areas where students can walk, sunbath or study outdoors.


The In-Domus campuses offer the perfect student accommodation designed with high quality standards within the panorama of student housing in Milan, which is a valid alternative to traditional residences for students or private apartment rentals.

Every detail of the Campuses is designed to make the study productive and enjoyable while living in a secure complex, which hosts Italian and international students.

In-Domus, in fact, offers students a turnkey accommodation solution including many services that will never be possible to find nor in a classic place bed nor in a student apartment:

• High speed internet connection;

• Utilities;

• Maintenance;

• Cleaning;

• Study rooms.

Living in a Campus allows you to build relationships with other off-site students who live in the same city, where privacy is granted and you can enjoy all the comforts unlike a classic apartment where you have to think at everything.

At a truly exclusive price, In-Domus also allows you to take advantage of many extra services such as:

• 24-hour assistance;

• Meeting room;

• Laundromat;

• Shared kitchens;

• Fitness area;

• Relaxing area with TV and playstation;

• Music rooms;

• Dehors equipped with barbeque stations;

The best choice for off-site students.

If you want to receive more information about costs and services or want to book an appointment to visit the In-Domus campuses, contact us now.

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Type of contract?

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Is filling the form enough to complete my reservation?

No, filling the form is just a way of checking if the type of accommodation that you prefer is available.
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Where should I go when I arrive?

You will have to check-in at the Reception. (usually between 3:00 PM and 10:00 PM, a different time of arrival can be scheduled if needed)


Within 10:00 AM of the last day of contract.


When should I pay?

At the time of booking you should pay the cautionary deposit and the first instalment of the fee as indicated in the Assignment Request Form. The payments of the other installments of the fees should be made within the dates indicated in the Assignment Request Form.

When can I have back the cautionary deposit?

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What is included?

What is included in the price?

The “all inclusive” fee includes a bed in a fully furnished room or apartment, all utilities and weekly cleanings and change of bed linens and towels.
Free access to the common areas to study, cook and relax, a well-equipped gym, last generation Wi-Fi and coin operated laundry.

Is Wi-Fi included?

Yes, last generation Wi-Fi connection in the whole building is included.

Is TV included?

Yes, there are TVs in the lounge rooms.

TV is included in the rooms in Milano Olympia, where it is possible to watch free-to-air television.

Is the kitchen kit included?

Only in apartments (solutions with kitchen) the kit is included, the guests who live in the rooms can keep their kitchenware in the personal lockers found in the common kitchens.

Is the refrigerator included in my room?

Yes, every room has one: other refrigerators and freezers can be found in the common kitchens.

Are bed linen and bathroom towels included?

Yes, both are changed once a week. You can request for additional changes by paying an extra fee.

Is the gym included?

Yes, and it is open 24/7.

Is the music room included?

Yes, you can book the music room for free.

Is the use of the common kitchens included?

Yes, the use of the common kitchens and refreshment rooms is included.

Is the use of the study rooms included?

Yes, it is included.

Is the laundry service included?

Yes, with coin operated washing machines and dryers.


Can I have guests for the night?

Upon request to the email and based on availability and the rate in force on the specific day.

Can I have guests at the Campus?

Every resident can have up to two guests per day, they must register at the reception and can stay from 8:00 AM to Midnight.

Can my parents reserve a room?

According to our availability, parents can stay at In-Domus at a special rate.


Can I stay at In-Domus if I’m not a student?

Yes, In-Domus reserves a limited number of rooms for non-students.

Can I make a reservation if I’m underage?

Yes, it is possible following authorization by the parent or legal guardian of the minor.

Can I bring animals with me?

No, it is not possible to keep animals at In-Domus.

Are food and drinks available at the Campus?

Yes, there are vending machines with snacks, drinks and hot beverages.

Can I sublet my room?

No, it is not possible

Can I choose my roommate?

We will take any preference under consideration, according to the availability. We will do our best to meet your requests.

Can I choose on what floor to live?

We will take any preference under consideration, according to the availability.
For certain types of accommodation, a specific floor or position can increase the monthly fee.

Can I throw a party?

Yes, if you respect the rules and the peace of the residence (at midnight any external guest should leave the Campus).
It is necessary to inform the reception in case a party has more than 30 guests. There will be a security guard whose hourly fee will be charged to the person responsible for the party.

Can I customize my room?

Yes, as long as you don’t make any permanent change to the walls and furniture. At check-out, the room must be restored to its initial state, otherwise there could be an extra charge.

Can I stay in my room during the Christmas/Easter holidays?

Yes, you can stay in your room for the whole duration of the contract.

What should I do if something doesn’t work in my room?

There is an email address for maintenance requests: (In-Domus Milano Olympia) (In-Domus Milano Monneret) (In-Domus Milano Internazionale)

Can I receive mail and parcels?

Yes, you can easily collect your mail at the reception.

Where can I smoke?

It is strictly forbidden to smoke in any of the In-Domus spaces. Violators will be subject to fine according to the Italian law and In-Domus rules (see hand-book).
Reiterated breach of this rule may result in the expulsion from the Campus.

What happens in case of damages?

Any damage caused by the guest should be repaid according to the price list found in the In-Domus hand-book. In case of damages not present in our price list, the guest will be responsible for the repair costs, or, in case repair is not possible or not convenient, for the replacement of the damaged good.