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Concerts in Milan Summer 2022

Jun 3, 2022 | Milan

Guide to the most anticipated concerts in Milan for the summer season 2022

Summer 2022 is approaching and finally, after two years of pandemic, Milan is getting ready again for the season with many appointments and cultural events. Among these will not miss, of course, the concerts of the most famous national and international artists, who will perform on the most famous stages of the city and its surroundings attracting thousands of fans from all over Italy.

In this article we wanted to collect and share with you the most anticipated events of the coming months, accurately divided by musical genre. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Rap concerts in Milan

Let’s start right away with the unmissable appointments for all rap fans. On June 22 and 24, Rocco Hunt and Gué Pequeno will perform, both at Carroponte in Sesto San Giovanni. In July, on the other hand, it will be the turn of Salmo, Fabri Fibra and Caparezza. Salmo will perform on July 6 at San Siro Stadium, Fabri Fibra on July 10 at the Rugby Sound Festival on the Isola del Castello di Legnano, while Caparezza will perform on July 11 at the Snai Hippodrome in San Siro Stadium.

Pop Concerts in Milan

There will be, of course, the most pop and commercial artists. Italian stars include Marco Mengoni on June 19 at the San Siro Stadium, Elodie on June 26 at the Circolo Magnolia, Achille Lauro on July 5 at the Snai Hippodrome in San Siro Stadium and Alessandra Amoroso on July 13 at the San Siro Stadium.

Among the international artists, on the other hand, Elton John will perform, with his latest world tour Farewell Yellow Brick Road on June 4 on the San Siro stage; the American pop rock band Imagine Dragons on June 11 at the Galoppo Hippodrome and Alicia Keys on June 28 at the Mediolanum Forum.

Rock & Metal Concerts in Milan

Are you a rebel rock or metal lover? Don’t worry, Milan has many interesting surprises in store for you too. In the first half of the month, the nu metal band Korn will be on stage at the Snai Hippodrome in San Siro Stadium on June 7, the famous American punk-rock band Green Day on June 15 on the same stage and the heavy metal band Black Label Society on June 19 at Alcatraz.

The second half of the month will be dominated by the most historic international rock bands: The Rolling Stones on June 21 at the San Siro Stadium, the Whitesnakes on June 28 at the Lorenzini District, The Killers on June 21 at the Galoppo Hippodrome and Alice Cooper on June 29 at the Snai Hippodrome in San Siro Stadium. In July it will be the turn of Guns ‘N Roses, who will perform on July 10 at San Siro Stadium while, for the toughest ones, the Helloween e Sabaton on August 27 at the Snai Hippodrome in San Siro Stadium.

Concerts in Milan: where to stay?

As you have just seen, there are many bands and artists that Milan will host this summer. 

As often happens, for many of them Milan will be the only Italian stop on the tour, bringing thousands of Italian fans to the city just to spend an evening with their idol. 

If you are a university student living outside Milan and you are looking for an accommodation to attend the concert of your favorite artist, you can book a short-stay in one of our three In-Domus Campuses: In-Domus Milano Olympia, Milano Monneret and Milano Internazionale.

With easy access to the city center, our residences are ideal if you are looking for a temporary stay in Milan. What are you waiting for? Book your short-stay with In-Domus now.

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