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Studying Medicine and Surgery in Milan

Jan 21, 2023 | Milan

Studying Medicine and Surgery is an important choice that often comes from the heart, 

from the desire to help others and dedicate their lives to the preservation of human lives. 

It is one of the most challenging, long and complicated degree programs and, above all, one of the most difficult to access.

Every year thousands of students, from all over the country, attempt to enroll in this faculty but only a few manage to pass the admission test. In 2022, for example, out of 65,378 students, only 28,793 succeeded.

A student who decides to take this path must have clear ideas and strong motivation to go all the way. In fact, the course can last from 6 to 11 years, including single-cycle Master’s degrees, specializations and advanced courses. 

It is therefore good to be sure of your choice and not make decisions too impulsively, risking not completing your studies. Choosing the right university is definitely a key factor. 

Here are the three main ones in which to study Medicine and Surgery in Milan.

Vita – Salute San Raffaele University of Milan

The Vita – Salute San Raffaele University of Milan, according to CENSIS, turns out to be the best Italian university in which to study Medicine and Surgery, with a score of an impressive 109 points.

What makes the University so popular is its relationship with the hospital of the same name. It is located right across the street from the health facility, thus offering its enrollees continuous collaboration with doctors for internships and practical classes.

This private university has the uniqueness of being able to independently organize sessions at the hospital to bring students closer to the various branches of medicine to understand what they are most passionate about.

The curriculum includes core subjects like other public universities, such as biology, chemistry, genetics, human morphology, pathology, histology, and endocrinology. 

On the other hand, more innovative subjects at the university include clinical communication in English, biology or stress pathophysiology.

As for the admission test, since it is a private university, the dates are different from those of state universities; in fact, the test takes place in late winter, more or less in February or March.

Milano – Bicocca University

The University Milano-Bicocca ranks second among the best in Italy in which to study medicine, with a score of 107 points.

The Faculty of Medicine is divided into two poles: medicine in Italian in Monza and medicine in English in Bergamo. What makes the Monza cluster unique are the macro exams that group multiple subjects together to allow students to recover CFUs to be used for practical internships. As for the medicine in English cluster, the uniqueness lies in the in-depth studies of the computer science and engineering branch of medicine.

Being a state university, the national admission test is held in September. The exam lasts 100 minutes and includes 60 questions with 5 answer variations divided into biology, physics, mathematics, logic and chemistry.

The curriculum is divided as follows:

  • Medicine in Italian: this course includes subjects such as preparatory science, biology and genetics, human anatomy and histology, English and basic computer science from the first year.
  • Medicine in English: this cluster instead follows the Anglo-Saxon system by dividing the years of study into systems and apparatus. Therefore in the first year the curriculum includes exams such as basic science, scientific and medical language, the foundations of genetic cell biology, human sciences, human morphology, molecular biology, chemistry and basic computer science.

University of  Milan

Also known as La Statale, it ranks among the top 10 medical schools in all of Italy for research, course effectiveness and its scholarships. With a score of 91 points, the faculty is divided into three poles for medicine in Italian: polo Centrale, polo San Paolo and polo Vialba, but there is also a Medicine in English course.

The admission test is held in September, on the same date as other state universities. 

In 2021, there were 475 seats available, plus 7 reserved for non-EU students residing abroad; while those for Medicine in English were 45 for Italian, EU and non-EU citizens residing in Italy and 25 for non-EU students residing abroad.

What does the curriculum of the three hubs include?

As for the Central Pole, basic courses in the first year include human anatomy, chemistry and biochemistry, medical physics, introduction to medicine, histology and embryology, and biology and genetics. 

The Medicine in English course presents a course of study very similar to that of the Central Pole, while at the Saint Paul Pole, in addition to basic exams such as physics, human anatomy, biology and genetics, histology and embryology, there are also exams in philosophy of science and history of medicine. 

Finally, the Vialba Pole offers the same basic exams as the Central Pole course, but to which macroscopic, microscopic and ultrastructural human morphology are added.


As we have just seen, Milan is one of the best cities in Italy in which to study Medicine 

and Surgery. 

Of the three universities we have listed, Vita-Salute San Raffaele stands out as the best option both locally and nationally, but Milano-Bicocca and La Statale are also equally competitive and offer a very good curriculum. 

You just have to decide on your favorite university and start this wonderful adventure in the medical field. 

Good luck! 

Live, Study, Feel In-Domus!


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