Aug 23, 2021 | Milan

One of the easiest ways to get around Milan is to use the public transport of the ATM, the Azienda Trasporti Milanesi.

But how much does it cost moving with public transportation in Milan? Are there special subscriptions for young people and students?

In order to answer these widespread questions from students who come to Milan for the first time and who want to better organize moving in the university areas, we have decided to prepare a small guide of practice reading. Let’s go in order.

How much it costs to travel with transport to Milan

Getting around with transportation in Milan is quite convenient. The Lombard capital offers many alternatives for those who want to travel within the urban perimeter (and not only) in an efficient and economical way.

From buses to the subway, from trains to bike sharing services, you will certainly not struggle to find what is right for you. Most likely you will choose the ATM subscription service, with its dozens of lines able to reach every corner of the city.

If you prefer not to subscribe, you can take advantage of the classic ordinary ticket, which costs €1.50 and can be bought with credit card directly to the turnstiles, it has a duration of 90 minutes from the validation and allows a single access to public transport of ATM.

How much does it cost the ATM subscription

The ATM subscription allows you to travel as many times as you want in the period of validity that you have chosen, between week, month and year. The subscription is uploaded to an electronic card valid for four years and with a cost of issuing of 10 euros.

As for the cost, reference should be made to the Integrated Tariff System of Public Transport – STIBM, which entered into force in 2019, which divided the metropolitan area of Milan into different areas, starting from the city center, and introducing new tariff zones.

Given that each subscription can cover a different tariff zone, with different charges, we can only advise all interested students to take a look at the website and, at the bottom of the

For example, the cost of the urban subscription alone is of 39 euros per month and of 330 euros per year.

ATM subscription for students and under 26

The City of Milan has approved some permanent concessions for season tickets valid in the urban area, with a discount for all young people aged up to 26, without income limits:

  • EUR 22 monthly subscription;
  • EUR 200 annual subscription.

The same facilities are also granted to young people between the ages of 27 and 30, provided they have an ISEE of less than 28 thousand euro.

Another discounted subscription is also provided for evening students, without age limits: in this case it is possible to subscribe to a discounted monthly rate of 11 euros. But, of course, the subscription has some hourly restrictions: it can only be used from Monday to Friday from 5 pm to 8.30 pm and from 9 pm until the end of the service, while on Saturday from 1 pm to 8 pm. On Sundays the evening pass is not valid.

Finally, we remind you that if the student under 26 still intends to have a subscription for other areas in addition to that of the urban center, can always take advantage of a discount of 25% on the monthly or annual ordinary cost. The old “student rate” is no longer available.

How to apply for an ATM card

The ATM card can be requested:
– online on the website;
– in one of the ATM Points;
– in one of the authorized retail outlets located in the subway stations and above ground.

In order to make the request you need to bring a passport photo, a valid ID and tax number. You will also have to complete the application for issuing your electronic card. A receipt certifying that the application has been submitted shall be issued upon delivery of the form.

Where to pick up your ATM card

Il ritiro della tessera ATM può avvenire negli ATM Point, in cui il rilascio è – peraltro – immediato. È inoltre possibile ritirare la tessera nelle rivendite, circa 15-20 giorni dopo la richiesta, esibendo la ricevuta ottenuta al momento della presentazione del modulo.

The withdrawal of the ATM card can take place in the ATM Points, where the issue is moreover immediate. It is also possible to collect the card in the resale shops, about 15-20 days after the request, by showing the receipt obtained at the time of submission of the form.

How to recharge your ATM card

The card is handed over to applicants “empty”, that is before any balance loaded in it. So, what you need to do in order to use it, is to buy a subscription online, in the ATM Points or in the vending machines that are present in every metro station, or even in authorized stores or ATM machines.

What does the subscription ATM Milano include

The ATM Milano subscription includes the possibility to travel to the selected areas for the indicated period of time (weekly, monthly or annual). It is therefore not valid outside the planned routes.

We hope that this information may have been useful to improve your knowledge about this option to move around in Milan. For more information on how you can best organize your stay as an off-site student in Milan, we suggest you to contact us: we will be happy to present our best solutions at the In-Domus campuses!

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What is included?

What is included in the price?

The “all inclusive” fee includes a bed in a fully furnished room or apartment, all utilities and weekly cleanings and change of bed linens and towels.
Free access to the common areas to study, cook and relax, a well-equipped gym, last generation Wi-Fi and coin operated laundry.

Is Wi-Fi included?

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TV is included in the rooms in Milano Olympia, where it is possible to watch free-to-air television.

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Only in apartments (solutions with kitchen) the kit is included, the guests who live in the rooms can keep their kitchenware in the personal lockers found in the common kitchens.

Is the refrigerator included in my room?

Yes, every room has one: other refrigerators and freezers can be found in the common kitchens.

Are bed linen and bathroom towels included?

Yes, both are changed once a week. You can request for additional changes by paying an extra fee.

Is the gym included?

Yes, and it is open 24/7.

Is the music room included?

Yes, you can book the music room for free.

Is the use of the common kitchens included?

Yes, the use of the common kitchens and refreshment rooms is included.

Is the use of the study rooms included?

Yes, it is included.

Is the laundry service included?

Yes, with coin operated washing machines and dryers.


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Upon request to the email and based on availability and the rate in force on the specific day.

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According to our availability, parents can stay at In-Domus at a special rate.


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Yes, it is possible following authorization by the parent or legal guardian of the minor.

Can I bring animals with me?

No, it is not possible to keep animals at In-Domus.

Are food and drinks available at the Campus?

Yes, there are vending machines with snacks, drinks and hot beverages.

Can I sublet my room?

No, it is not possible

Can I choose my roommate?

We will take any preference under consideration, according to the availability. We will do our best to meet your requests.

Can I choose on what floor to live?

We will take any preference under consideration, according to the availability.
For certain types of accommodation, a specific floor or position can increase the monthly fee.

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Yes, if you respect the rules and the peace of the residence (at midnight any external guest should leave the Campus).
It is necessary to inform the reception in case a party has more than 30 guests. There will be a security guard whose hourly fee will be charged to the person responsible for the party.

Can I customize my room?

Yes, as long as you don’t make any permanent change to the walls and furniture. At check-out, the room must be restored to its initial state, otherwise there could be an extra charge.

Can I stay in my room during the Christmas/Easter holidays?

Yes, you can stay in your room for the whole duration of the contract.

What should I do if something doesn’t work in my room?

There is an email address for maintenance requests: (In-Domus Milano Olympia) (In-Domus Milano Monneret) (In-Domus Milano Internazionale)

Can I receive mail and parcels?

Yes, you can easily collect your mail at the reception.

Where can I smoke?

It is strictly forbidden to smoke in any of the In-Domus spaces. Violators will be subject to fine according to the Italian law and In-Domus rules (see hand-book).
Reiterated breach of this rule may result in the expulsion from the Campus.

What happens in case of damages?

Any damage caused by the guest should be repaid according to the price list found in the In-Domus hand-book. In case of damages not present in our price list, the guest will be responsible for the repair costs, or, in case repair is not possible or not convenient, for the replacement of the damaged good.