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Campus In-Domus

In our three campuses you will have a fantastic experience, thanks to state-of-the-art facilities and the attention and care provided everyday by the In-Domus Team. Our campuses are located close to the main universities and are equipped with everything you need: last generation Wi-Fi, reception available 24/7, study rooms, gyms, shared kitchens, laundries and lounge rooms where you can socialize.

Overview (15th floor)
Inserted in a park in front of the university and the public transport stop

Milano Internazionale

In-Domus Milano Internazionale redefines the highest quality standards in Milanese student housing. It offers all the services to make studying more pleasant and productive in a safe environment. The complex is ideal for hosting both Italian and international students. We offer high-level hospitality, with standard 6- or 12-month contracts. Stays of different lengths can be agreed.

Bike parking:
300 square meters
Inside the campus

Milano Monneret

In-Domus Milano Monneret, located near Città Studi and the Politecnico Leonardo, sets the quality standard for student residences in Milan. It offers elegant rooms and apartments, efficient and meticulously maintained common spaces. The facility provides the utmost comfort, maximum security, and peace of mind for both Italian and international students, ensuring the best possible experience. We offer high-level hospitality with standard contracts of 6 or 12 months. Different durations of stay can be arranged.

Sports facilities:
Adjacent to the park
In and Out-door inside the Campus
Spacious and equipped
Underground (motorcycle, car, bicycle)
Esselunga in front of the Campus

Milano Olympia

In-Domus Milano Olympia, completely renovated and brought to the highest quality standards, provides all the services to make studying more enjoyable and productive in a secure environment. The facility, located near the Politecnico di Bovisa, is ideal for accommodating Italian and international students. We offer high-level hospitality with standard contracts of 6 or 12 months. Different durations of stay can be arranged.


Studying is important but socializing and having an exciting and enjoyable life help to fulfill your projects! Our campuses offer many spaces to socialize study rooms, lounge rooms where you can relax and watch TV, the gyms where you can work out, music rooms to practice your favorite instruments and the kitchens where you can eat with your new friends. Find out how is every-day life in In-Domus’s campuses by following our social media. If you want, you will be involved in tons of events and activities and discover a new world of friends!


We care about your physical and psychological wellbeing: this is why, in our campuses, we organize several activities in order to improve the quality of life of our guests.
Evenings of entertainment, sports, cinema, games and parties: every occasion is the perfect one to have fun together, meet new friends and unplug after your studying hours.
Our skilled team is at the disposal of our guests to face and overcome possible moments of hitch that could come along the way of your studying experience.
For medical consultations, In-Domus has activated an agreement with Smart Clinic Certosa and Smart Clinic Bicocca of Gruppo San Donato, located very close to Campus Milano Olympia and Campus Milano Internazionale, where In-Domus residents have a 20% discount on all services offered by the clinic (eg: medical consultation with a specialist, nutrition consultancy, physiotherapy, etc.); another agreement is also active with Centro Medico Sant’Agostino ( that is widely present in Milan with many centers. You can have quite any specialistic visit in a private structure at reasonable prices.
The doctors of Centro Medico Sant’Agostino offer some focus evenings in our Campuses about health and wellbeing, such as nutrition, sports medicine, prevention and furthermore, there are meetings with professionals and entrepreneurs, sharing their experience in the job, being an inspiration to our guests.


The price is clear and all-inclusive. We do not ask for a guarantor, and our contracts provides an early termination right.
In-Domus tariffs include all the services you need: surveillance system, cleaning, bed and bathroom linen, utilities, gym, kitchens, study rooms and reception available 24/7.
Choose the type of accommodation and the period of stay on the “Campus” section and find out about the prices.

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