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Student Housing & Living Management

In-Domus operates in the living sector to enhance and manage real estate properties under its own brand or through management contract schemes.


In-Domus, is a private company related to Fondazione Cariplo, the largest charity foundation in Italy. Its ownership is made-up by Fondazione Housing Sociale (90%) and Fondazione Social Venture Giordano dell’Amore (10%).
In-Domus is a leading operator in the Student Housing sector with more than 1,000 beds offered through three state of the art hall of residences, representing a share of about 25 percent among private PBSA operators in Milan.


In-Domus Mission is to impact on the right to university studies. At this end a significant number of beds places in the Campuses operated under In-Domus brand name are offered to eligible students at accessible price.

Business Philosophy

In-Domus provides its Clients the best “Accommodation Experience”, meant as a personal enrichment complementary to the academic/professional one.
In-Domus focuses on the psycho-physical wellbeing of its Clients who receive much more than an accommodation service.


Special attention is paid to ESG issues related to student life, including guiding clients toward more conscious and green daily choices. In this way, In-Domus performs synergistically to the owner of the buildings in enforcing ESG principles.


A significant number of beds in the campuses managed by In-Domus are offered at affordable prices although all market segments are covered. By focusing on the “affordable” market segment without disregarding the others, In-Domus lowers industry risk. All PBSAs operated by In-Domus are run at 100% occupancy rate.

In-Domus’ strategy is to play a leading role in a rapidly developing market by leveraging on its strong shareholding structure and robust financials, industry expertise, excellent supplier relationships, marketing, communication management and finance capabilities.

In-Domus has a remarkable pipeline of new campus developments which will be operated either under master lease agreements or management contracts.

In-domus’ approach to “management contract” is to define a service calibrated to specific market characteristics by sharing objectives with the owners. The operating philosophy is the same one successfully developed over the past few years: to pursue optimal levels of occupancy and profitability of all residences while ensuring service in line with the highest expectations of students.